Glasses Cleaning & Care Tips

Caring for and cleaning your eyeglasses properly on a daily basis is essential in not only prolonging the life of your glasses but also in helping you see the world around you in its fullest, clearest, and brightest potential. Listed below are a few cleaning and wearing best practices, so please read and feel free to print them out if needed.


Best Cleaning Practices-

  1. Rinse your glasses under warm water (not always necessary) but by doing this you remove dust and debris that you may have collected throughout the day that would otherwise be rubbed around your lens surfaces during a normal cleaning process.
  2. Spray your lenses front and back sides with an ophthalmic cleaner only. (Do not use any other type of cleaner.)
  3. Finally dry your glasses with your microfiber cloth only. (Do not use paper towels, Kleenex, T-shirts, etc., over time these may wear down and even scratch the surface of your lenses.)

Best Wearing Practices-

  1. When putting on or taking off you glasses always use both hands. (By using both hands you prevent your glasses from becoming stretched out or crooked.)
  2. When they’re not on your face then they should be in their case. (No pun intended but your case is truly your glasses best protection especially when not being warn.)
  3. Always remember even the most flexible strong titanium frames are not impervious and nothing is brake or scratch proof just various levels of resistance. Eyeglasses should be treated and cared for as fine jewelry not just another accessory. (By having this thought process your glasses are virtually guaranteed to last longer.) 

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