Lens Technology


Picking out the right lenses for you is sometimes one of the most difficult parts of your eyewear decision. There’s so many different types of options, materials, coatings, add-ons, etc. How do you know which ones to choose? Well, that’s what we’re here for. We not only do our best at educating you on the different products available but we also take the time to explore which products are the best for you and your lifestyle. There is no one size fits all eyewear solution so some things to consider are what do you use your glasses for, driving day and or night, reading only, distance only, computer only, sporting activities, or just day to day everyday all day eyewear? As you can see there are many uses for many different types of eyewear. In most cases most patients actually discover based on their lifestyle needs that one pair alone may not provide all solutions and two and even sometimes three pair may be the way to go. We also have plenty of great promotions running each and every month to accommodate most if not all of your visual needs. Below is a list of some of the more popular products and technologies available to you so please feel free to explore. Remember we are here to help, help you see the world more clearly and feel your best! So if you have any questions or concerns at all give us a call or stop on in. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can.

Lens Types

Allows you to see one visual field either, far (Distance) only, near (Reading) only, or intermediate (Computer Distance) only.

Allows you to see two visual fields most commonly used for distance and reading with a line separating the two.


Allows you to see three visual fields most commonly used for distance, intermediate, and reading with two lines separating the three.


Allows you to see three visual fields most commonly used for distance, intermediate, and reading with no solid lines separating any area of the lens. There are many different types of progressives, some include standard vision progressives, wider vision premium progressives, computer progressives, hi definition digital progressives, sportswear progressives, etc. Finding which progressives are right for you is very important and something we will definitely assist with.

Progressive Lenses

Check out the superior Varilux progressive lenses!

Lens Materials

Standard ophthalmic material with good optics for basic prescriptions.
Most popular and most commonly used ophthalmic material. Is shatter and scratch resistant, up to 40% thinner and lighter than regular plastic, and always UV coated. Also great for sports, children’s and safety glasses.

Due to its aspheric surface design it offers extremely sharp and clear optics all throughout the lens. Is shatter and scratch resistant, up to 20% thinner and lighter than polycarbonate, and always UV coated. Ideal for higher prescriptions, all rimless eyewear, and for those seeking a visually superior lens.

High definition Trivex
High definition Trivex

Is one of the thinnest and lightest ophthalmic materials on the market. Great optical clarity and ideal for higher prescription patients seeking a cosmetically thinner and visually superior lens.

Lens Thickness

Lens Coatings, Extras and Add-ons

Great for reading, computer usage and night driving by reducing surface glare and lessening eye strain and fatigue. Offers the ideal cosmetic appearance by making the lenses appear more invisible allowing others to see your eyes and not the surface reflections of all the lights around you. Ideal for most patients, people who deal with people and people who are fashion forward and looks great in pictures too.


We offer two types of Anti-reflective coatings:


Reduces glare and surface reflections. Offers a good cosmetic appearance with standard scratch resistance.

Crizal Premium

Brand name premium Anti-reflective coating. Reduces glare and surface reflections. Offers a great cosmetic appearance and considered to be one of the most scratch and smudge resistant Anti-Reflective coatings on the market!

Get dark when outside and clear when inside. Activated by direct UV Rays and line of site of the sun. Great for convenience and to also have a clear and semi-sunglass all in one pair. (Remember they do not get fully dark in the car and are not a substitute to a solid pair of Polarized sunglasses which are always recommended) Also let’s be honest transitions are just cool!


We offer four types of transitions:

Transitions VI

Regular and most popular.

Transitions XTRActive

More sensitive in the car and darker when outside than regular.

Transitions Vantage (ALL NEW & VERY COOL!)

Polarized when dark and great for outdoors, sporting activities and especially water sports!

Transitions Drivewear

Best driving Transitions. Polarized and 40% tint at all times and will also get darker depending on lighting conditions and especially when driving into the sun and outdoors.

Best sunglass lens on the market. Polarization works by blocking roughly 80% of all strong radiant glare. Ideal for driving and most outdoor and sporting activities. Also great for the health and longevity of your eyes especially with the harsh sun we all experience almost daily.